Diverse Transport Fabrications  

Trailer Gallery

  • 4.8m x 2.48m Flat Top - 4.5T Capable

    10 May at 22:37 from atlas

    4.8m x 2.48m Hot Dipped Galvanised Flat Top Trailer, 3.5T Rated (4.5T Capable), 63mm Square Axles, 12" Electric Brakes, 16" Land Cruiser ...

  • 12ft x 6ft Tipping Box Trailer

    10 May at 22:29 from atlas

    12ft x 6ft Hot Dipped Galvanised Box Tipping Trailer, 12" Electric Brakes, 16" Rims & Tyres - 3.5T Rated

  • 6m x 2.48m Tri Axle Flat Top

    10 May at 22:21 from atlas

    6m x 2.48m Hot Dipped Galvanised Tri-Axle Flat Top Trailer - 3.5T Rated

  • 12ft x 7ft Flat Top

    10 May at 22:17 from atlas

    12ft x 7ft Hot Dipped Galvanised  Flat Top with 16"Rims and Tyres - 3.2T Rated

  • 4.8m x 2.49m H/Duty Multi Purpose Trailer

    10 May at 22:12 from atlas

    4.8m x 2.49m Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Trailer

  • 3.6m x 2.1m Flat Top Tipping Trailer

    12 June at 09:55 from atlas

    3.6m x 2.1m Flat Top Tipping Trailer 3.2T Rated with Removable Headboard and Drop Down Sides.

  • 3m Flat Top 3.2T Rated

    6 May at 17:23 from atlas

    3m x 2.1m Hot Dipped Galvanised Flat Top Trailer with Removable Drop Down Aluminium Sides and Removable Headboard.

  • Refurbishment & Mounting of Water Tank

    6 May at 17:21 from atlas

    Refurbishment and Mounting of Water Tank with manufacture of Rear Fold Down Catwalk, Side Ladder, Front Fuel Rack and Toolbox

  • 3.2T Rolling Tank Frame

    6 May at 17:19 from atlas

    3.2T Hot Dipped Galvanised Tank Rolling Frame, fitted with clients 2000L tank and firefighting pump. 

  • Fire Kart Restoration

    17 January at 22:00 from atlas

    Fire Kart Restoration including pump - Should look Mint towed behind the Austin Fire Truck we completed back in May.


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