10x6 Box Trailer with Cage

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Box Trailers

Our trailers come standard with heavy duty construction, axles and components, quality 2Pac Primer and 2 Pac Painted finish, (Hot Dipped Galvanised as optional extra)

We build our trailer to last.

Our Standard Farm Tough Box Trailer is:

  • 12ft x 6ft Box Trailer - 3.5T Rated

We can also offer this model in the following Sizes and Ratings:

  • 10ft x 6ft - 3.5T or 4.5T Rated

  • 12ft x 6ft - 4.5T Rated

  • 14ft x 6ft - 3.5T or 4.5T Rated

  • 16ft x 6ft - 3.5T or 4.5T Rated

These trailers come with standard 300mm High sides which can be upgraded to 400mm or 450mm Sides.

3.2T Box Trailer
10x5 Box Trailer with crate

Optional Extras

All Box Trailers can be manufactured with optional extras such as Mesh Cages, Full Drop Down Rear Ramp, Slide out Loading Ramps or Stock Crates to fit the above sizes.

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